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This self-drive safari of the Kruger National Park and some of the surrounding reserves gave me a good taste of the Kruger as it incorporated various areas and landscapes.

When to go

The best time to go to the Kruger is during the dry winter months from May to October.

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Motswari Camp 20 May 2007

After collecting the vehicle in johannesburg I drove to Motswari Camp. On my first game drive we saw 3 lionesses lazing in the sun. It was good to see the big cats again. And also saw a big herd of buffalo. We passed a waterhole and saw the ugliest bird in the Reserve namely the marabou stork – really really ugly!
After breakfast I departed for Motswari Camp, but went to Kings Camp for a quick site inspection. Kings Camp is really beautiful, they have a lovely view, and their chalets are beautiful and big. Motswari’s bathrooms were a bit out dated, but they are currently busy renovating them.     
Gomo Gomo Lodge 21 May 2007 
Gomo Gomo Camp was my favourite lodge! We managed to see the big five in one day, the first sighting was a male leopard, then a male lion, after which we saw a male white rhino, one male buffalo and last but not least an elephant bull!
The staff members were fantastic, helpful and always making sure that I was comfortable and happy at all times, the food was great as well, I got to taste what an impala stew tasted like! The view from the main area of the lodge is also beautiful, there were hippos in the water and later that afternoon two young elephant bulls came and bathed in the river. I definitely plan on going there again in the near future.
Elephant Plains Lodge 22-May-07

I really enjoyed my time at Elephant Plains -  I got to see a big pride of lions consisting of two lionesses, one young male and six cubs (that were about three to four months old). The honeymoon suite that I stayed in was absolutely stunning.
Kirkman's Kamp 23 May 2007
After the morning game drive and breakfast at Elephant Plains Camp I departed for Kirkman’s Camp. I didn’t get to see alot of animals on my game drive, due to the weather change a cold front had hit the country and the animals were nowhere to be found. This placed alot of pressure on the poor guides though, and I felt sorry for them as it was out of their hands.
Shishangeni 24 May 2007
After the ice-cold morning game drive and hearty breakfast, I departed for my last destination Shishangeni; while driving towards the lodge I was held up by a herd of buffalo, as soon as the “traffic jam” cleared I proceeded forward to the lodge and after I checked in I went on a site inspection of the two sister Camps, namely Camp Shawu and Camp Shonga.
Camp Shonga is a great little tented lodge with an attractive view of the hills separating South Africa from Mozambique. I had a sun downer drink at Camp Shawu and watched the hippos in the river in front of the main area of the Camp, the view was beautiful. Got back to Shishangeni for dinner, and a serval cat was walking outside on the patio, he really didn’t care much about us seated inside the dinning room watching him. The manager said that he was a regular visitor.
The next morning after breakfast I departed back to Johannesburg, dropped the vehicle off and connected onto my flight back to Cape Town!

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