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This self-drive route from Johannesburg to the southern Kruger Park gate (Crocodile Bridge Gate) takes approximately 3-4 hours and drives through some interesting and spectacular scenery. This is also the route to take you to the border with Mozambique at Komatiepoort.

When to go

The best time to travel to this area is during the dry cooler winter months from April to September. Summer months are very hot and experience rain.

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·          From Johannesburg International Airport turn right and follow the R21 Highway to Boksburg
·          At the N12 split follow the N12 Highway to Witbank (to the left)
·          In Witbank follow the N4 towards Middelburg
·          Continue along the N4 Highway to Nelspruit
·          Follow the N4 to Komatiepoort at the border with Mozambique.
·          Turn left onto the H4-2 towards Crocodile Bridge Gate.
Crocodile Bridge Gate is the most eastern entrance to Kruger National Park and is named after the Crocodile River. This gate provides access to the southern safari camps and lodges, including Camp Shawu and Camp Shonga. The H4-2 is also a popular route to take self-drive visitors through the heart of the Kruger to the central and northern parts of the park.
The roads from Johannesburg to Crocodile Bridge Gate are very good quality tarred road, making self-drive a very popular option when visiting the Kruger. Generally, visitors will be met by the safari camp at a central point and transfer to the lodge in a open 4x4 vehicle.

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